Nothing Between US

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The trumpet sound on this smooth jazz album is playful and dancy, sometimes reflective & intimate, but often peaceful and becomes a unique expression of the musician, rounding it off with a unique hip hop smooth jazz tune.


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The title track “Nothing Between Us” is exactly that. It gives you the feeling of ‘nothing will come between our dreams and desires”.
“We come together” is a soul searching, peaceful melody that gets you humming along.
“See Me” with it’s funky beat will get you on your feet and dancing to the tune of the harmon mute in no time.
Marcellus Hankins vocals on “I Can Be” will take you on a romantic journey with your loved one.
The music just envelopes you in “Soft Touch” and sets you on a peaceful journey.
“Reach For Me” is techno pop with a difference.
“Give It A Try” is another reflective tune to get your mind working.
“Where Am I” is certainly the ballad to beat all ballads. This melodic tune will set the mood for a great romantic evening.
Again “You Should Have” will get you snapping your fingers and tapping your toes.
The unique hip hop sm jazz fusion of “Get Back Step Back” will make you go “that actually works and it sounds awesome”.
This smooth jazz beat bombards you and that is exactly what this album does to anyone listening to it.

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